Design of Architectural Shielding

Best Practice Design and Engineering

With the experience of more than 100 shielding projects, we assure the technical and economical success of your undertaking. No matter if for measurement, infosec or TEMPEST purposes.

With our designers, civil engineers, and RF-engineers we offer complete design services:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Implementation
  • Supervision 
  • Documentation and Test

Power supply, data systems, air conditioning, fire protection, physical protection, access control, building automation, building physics, acoustics: We determine the interfaces and integrate the architectural shielding in your construction project.



Book Tip

H. A. Wolfsperger (Author): „Elektromagnetische Schirmung“
published by Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 
Approx. 500 pages, 200 figures.

2nd edition published soon!


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