RF, EMC and Shielding Measurement

  • Shielding effectiveness measurement of enclosures, cabinets, cabins and shielded rooms
  • Measurement of shielded cables (transfer impedance, shielding effectiveness and electric properties)
  • Determination of electro-magnetic properties - intrinsic SE
  • EMC measurements complying to common standards (product qualification)
  • In situ measurement of field intensity, power density, low frequency magnetic field and building vibrations
  • Development of measurement techniques

We are experienced in all classic RF-measurement techniques. Additionally, we use alternative messurement techniques, which are our own development.



Book Tip

H. A. Wolfsperger (Author): „Elektromagnetische Schirmung“
published by Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 
Approx. 500 pages, 200 figures.

2nd edition published soon!


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