Technical Consulting

We help you to find the best technical and economical solutions.

Our Expertise

  • Classic RF-Technology and RF hardware design
  • EMC on components and system level 
  • Design, manufacturing and measurement of electro-magnetic shields: Components, cable shields, shielding cabinets, shielded rooms. Shielding on system level.
  • Shielding for security and TEMPEST purposes
  • Architectural shielding projects: Consulting, supervision, contracting.

We offer unique engineeering services. Based on our

  • scientifc background,
  • insider knowledge,
  • network, built up since the 1990s,

we define your requirements, realize them and test the results - to achieve the technical and economical optimum.




Book Tip

H. A. Wolfsperger (Author): „Elektromagnetische Schirmung“
published by Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 
Approx. 500 pages, 200 figures.

2nd edition published soon!


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