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June 2014: Novel EMC tesiting Site

SCHIRMUNGSTECHNIK  develops textile Mode Stirred Chamber

A new type of Mode Stirred Chamber was set in operation at BTU Cottbus, (Technical University of Brandenburg / Germany). The new chamber, sized approx. 14m x 5m x 6m, was established by means of highly conductive textiles.
The flexible Walls of the chamber are excited mechanically, so an additional stirrer is not necessary.
In first tests, a fieldstrength of 100 V/m was generated with low amplifier power.
The Chamber has a 3m x 3m large shielded roller shutter, so it can be accessed by large vehicules. Additionally, it can be entered through a shielded steel door. The floor consists of copper plates.
MKV innen

Mode Stirred Chamber at BTU-Cottbus, internal view.

The walls, made of highly conductive metallized rip-stop woven, are suspended from a free-standing support structure elastically. The host building's space was utilized in an optimal way.

Modenverwirbelungskammer, Außenansicht

Mode Stirred Chamber at BTU-Cottbus, external view with access door and filters and feedthroughs.



January 2014: New partner:  RF-SpIN (CZECH REPUBLIC)

W+R Schirmungstechnik represents RF-SPIN  (Prague)

Attractive high-performance Antennas from RF-Spin extend measurment capabilities, especially for smaller chambers!
W+R Schirmungstechnik and RF-SPIN joined forces to offer sales, support and service for the RF-Spin portfolio.


  • the 'Quad-Ridge-Horn' QRH-400 offers app. 12 dBi Gain in the range of 0,5 to 6 GHz.
  • both polarisations can be excited without mechanical changes in the test setup.
  • generates circular polarised signal with optional 90°-hybrid.

News: New Measurement Service

Measurement of RF-Gaskets

SCHIRMUNGSTECHNIK measures the shielding effectiveness of RF-gaskets:
  • Measurement of the Shielding effectiveness up to 1 GHz

  • Compression force adjustable

  • Determination of corrosion and deterioration characteristics.


News: MRI MEasurements  

SCHIRMUNGSTECHNIK carries out all kinds of measurements which are connected with MRI-Systems:

  • Long-term measurements of the magnetic AC and DC field (B0-Mesurements) 
  • Measurement of building vibrations
  • RF measurements
  • Shielding effectiveness measurements of shielded cabins 
  • MRI magnetic field determination (5-Gauss-line)



Triaxial Acceleration Sensor


Vibration Spectrum










News: Construction of Shielded Rooms

W+R Schirmungstechnik GmbH Completes 30 Shielded Rooms at Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Shielded Room at the Ruhr-Universität, Bochum (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany).

In the new building ID, 32 shielded rooms with a total ground area of approx. 1500 m² were equipped with a RF-Shielding by SCHIRMUNGSTECHNIK. This technique allows to perform hihgly sensitive measurements without interference from outside of these rooms. In addition, in some of the shielded rooms experiments were carried out, accompanied with high electric or magnetic fields intensities - without any danger for persons or machinery in the enviroment. SCHIRMUNGSTECHNIK delivered and installed the complete shielding system with a lot of customized detail solutions.

 For more details see Info-Flyer


News: Shielded HV-cabels for Hybrid-Vehicles

Schirmungstechnik Qualifies High Voltage Cables for Automotive Applications

Vehicels with electric or hybrid drive posses a cable connection between energy storage and engine, leading high pulsed currents. These currents may lead to EMC problems. SCHIRMUNGSTECHNECHNIK has adapted existing measurement techniques to the new challanges.

Shielded High Voltage Cable of a Hybrid Car. We support the Developement and the Qualification

 Our Know-how is your benefit! 



Book Tip

H. A. Wolfsperger (Author): „Elektromagnetische Schirmung“
published by Springer-Verlag, Berlin. 
Approx. 500 pages, 200 figures.

2nd edition published soon!


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